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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Hypnotherapy and Life coaching

Benefits of Life Coaching and Hypnotherapy together

There is a lot to say about affirmations. Whether or not you believe in the universe or god calling the shots and taking care of you there is obvious and scientific evidence that supports the benefits of focusing your mind to accomplish goals. Both Hypnotherapy and Life Coaching deal with affirmations as goal setting techniques to help both your conscious and subconscious mind achieve a reality that best suits them. Who doesn’t want their dreams to come true? With each of these modalities this goal is easily accomplished by helping you do the work to achieve your own personal bliss. Separately they are both very beneficial and cause profound growth, and together they tale the healing process even further.
Life coaching is is easily confused with traditional therapy. Coaches should not be giving advice or telling the client what to do. A coach asks powerful questions to help the client bring awareness around an issue they have been dealing with. Coaches have the fundamental belief that all people have their own answers within themselves. A coach does not simply listen, they really hear you. Life coaching is more individualized so each client resolves their own issues in their own perfect way.
Hypnotherapy works with your subconscious. You will be brought into a trance, which is a dream-like state of mind that before you sleep, but deeper than waking consciousness. As with life coaching each client will take their own particular adventure that is not lead by the therapist as much as guided. Hypnotherapy is very useful with sealing affirmations and ideas into the deeper parts of your mind so that you can unconsciously unlock the doors to the life of bliss that perfectly suits you.
Together any client can be sure that they have been heard and that wherever the path takes them it will be exactly what they need to progress further. Each are perfect separately, but together both the conscious ad subconscious mind of a client are sure to be covered, and goals become as easy as just going through life as you did before – only now your direction is chosen and authentic. Your unconscious motivation to succeed in whatever area is best for you is sealed and mobilized while your conscious mind is confident and ready to take on day-to-day tasks as well as new adventures that will help you achieve your bliss. 

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