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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Another LEGITIMATE way to make money: Mystery Shopping

I've always heard of mystery shopping as a legitimate way to make money for years now, but just like everything on the Internet it always seems like a scam and seems like too much work to figure out which companies weren't going to screw you over.

You should already know this, but never get a job with a company that I asked you for money up front. Classic internet scam situation.

If you go to it lists every LEGITIMATE mystery shopping company. Feel free to research, which I did A LOT to get actual testimonies in comments and blogs that said what companies they tried and what their experiences were.

Remember that even though none of those companies are scammers it doesn't mean you're going to get a lot of good jobs. You actually have to sign up for about 10 different companies in order to get a good number of shops. most shops are very specific on what they're asking for a really good number shops aren't even worth the money. After you sign up for these companies it'll be up to you to determine what would be best for you. Also you'll get emails alerting you about some opportunities, but to find shops you'll have to regularly check their websites, and the jobs are first come first serve.

Also, keep in mind this is not a way to make a lot of money. Sometimes you make $5 and sometimes you'll get 20. I've seen some for $45 but you have to have really specific criteria. Not all of the shops are mystery shops.some of them require you to actually reveal yourself and talk to managers and employees. I've done a few shops in a couple of months and made maybe around $100. And make sure you take into account distance, gas, and amount of actual work they want you to do for the shop.

AND DONT FORGET: You pay up front. The REIMBURSE you. make sure you have the money out of pocket first! (it could be anything from $1 to $45 that you need to spend

I took my roommates truck in to get a free oil change plus got 20 dollars. I've eaten food but spent more than I was reimbursed because of what they asked me to purchase. I've done shopping for clothes and got reimbursed, and I've gone to office max and I told them I was inspector for HP printers and had to check out there display line for the printer section.
sometimes you can get to do shops that you don't get to complete like the business is closed or they don't sell that product anymore and you still get paid.
Allso keep in mind that signing up for these companies is a lot like filling out a normal job application. A good number of them were very tedious and require you to write essays to prove that you have good writing skills.

If you read through the comments at the bottom you'll see a lot of people talking about their experiences and what companies that used this is where I got most of mine.

Here is a list of legitimate companies that I have used:
Please keep in mind that the more companies you sign up for the more complicated you can make it for yourself. I recommend getting a special email account or a special folder in your email account SPECIFICALLY for these companies emails! (every company is different and almost all of them make different logins for you)
Bestmark: This company sends a check out twice a month but for me opportunities have been scarce. In my area they pretty much only have car dealerships that need someone to get an oil change for a SPECIFIC make of car. I ended up spending more for an oil change than was in the reimbursement amount because the truck needed an extra quart of oil and they still gave me the extra money plus the payment promised so I didnt miss out on anything. They have actually called me and asked me to do specific shops to help them out since there was no one else to do it in my area. This company also comes highly recommended all over the web, and Im pretty happy about them after just receiving a $70 check!
Trendsource: They deposit money directly into your account twice a month and I've been paid pretty quickly a few times by them. I've done a few different types of shops, some revealed some not. They have an easy-to-use website and have a good amount of variety!
Jancyn: Ive just recently done 2 for this company so I have not yet been paid by them, but they called me asking to complete it. I went shopping for them at DD's discount and pretty much should get half of my bill paid for and I got a lot of cool stuff, and we also went out to eat at a small pita joint where we had to order what they wanted us to, and didn't get paid very much- but its kind of like getting reimbursed for part of a meal just because! It was pretty close to our house.
Shoppersview: I have yet to do anything for this company because there is nothing in my area, but I've seen good reviews about them.
AboutFace: This company has some really good shops and a LOT available - but all of them that I have seen so far are for glasses or prescriptions, neither of which do I have or need, so I haven't been able to take advantage of them.
Second To None: I haven't been able to take advantage of this company yet, as the only thing in my area is REALLY BAD deals (no reimbursement, low pay, and requires you to purchase a very specific meal that would cost as much if not more than the pay) and "formal events" which sound like time share presentations that they want to pay you to sit in on.

Please feel free to comment on your experiences and share companies that have or haven;'t worked for you - As well as any more questions you may have!