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Monday, October 28, 2013

Sicky Season!

My house currently has 4 adults, 3 children (Oldest just turned 4) and a baby on the way - and for the last week it has been puke central!

Everyone seems to be taking turns throwing up regularly so I thought I would make a post on ways we alleviated our seasonal pains while having to chase toddlers and preschoolers around cleaning up snail trails behind them.

  • First.. tummy aches. GINGER. so much ginger. I really need a ginger garden. Its getting out of control how much ginger a pregnant, sick, mom can use on a regular basis. Please refer to my Post on Ginger for some recipes that are helpful. Ive been all greased up with the oil and chugging the tea!
    • For the little ones I actually made ginger tea into popsicles (by just pouring and freezing it in a mold) to lower their fever and stop the vomit.
    • To make the pain go away, and stop the upchuck you NEED ginger oil in your life!

  • I know you know this one.. but DRINK LOTS OF WATER. Especially the little ones need to stay super hydrated. The evil isnt gonna get out of you from either end if you dont lubricate its way out of your body. This will also help stuffy noses be more runny and not so stuffed.
  • I had to go to school the other day while still recovering, so my wonderful lover used our magic bullet (you can use any food processor/juicer) to mash up a lot of ginger, carrot, apple, an orange, and blueberry juice and sent me on my way! I gotta tell you it was amazing! It tasted surprisingly delicious and it gave me hydration and nutrients I needed to get me going. The ginger made sure it stayed in my body. I slowly sipped it throughout the day and my day was much better for it!
  • Essential oils are the bees knees, the cats pajamas, AND the cats meow:
    • Get ornery kids to kill it by rubbing lavender and chamomile (mixed in a carrier oil like olive oil) on their feet.
    • Lower fevers (If its getting TOO high. Dont just treat any fever willy nilly.) with peppermint oil or lavender on temples, behind ears, or forehead (I do all 3 if its getting dangerous)\
  • Coffee lover? Im not gonna put MONEY on this for you since you probably wont admit ever that you can live without the Joe, but when you are sick caffeine will only make you more congested and make your sickness last longer. If you're DARING and need the gogogo energy like I did in order to make it to school you should try these:
    • Wheat grass
    • Carrot and Orange juice - together you will get a much cleaner burning fuel source that wakes up and keeps you going for longer without a crash.
  • My roommate puts her kids to sleep using a Valerian root for kids remedy that she found at Whole Foods when they are too sick to fall asleep.
  • She Also found a flower essence to help her little one sleep that apparently works like a miracle cure!

Well that's how WE have been coping! What are some of your favorite natural remedies for the winter blues?

Monday, October 14, 2013

The Story of stuff

If you have never been to then you're missing out. Every wonder about whats in cosmetics? Or where our garbage goes in great details? How about solutions to change the world for the better?

Check it out!!

Monday, October 7, 2013

Aluminum in vaccines

This is just a fun little link I found that goes over why aluminum is in vaccines. Vaccinations are a hot topic right now so expect more information posted on the blog in the future as I research certain things!

In the meantime check this out!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Pregnancy Guided Meditaion

If you are in your first month of pregnancy this video is for you!

I'm a clinical hypnotherapist and I very much enjoy helping others. since I am pregnant now I've really been searching for some good meditations to help me focus on my body and my new baby. I couldn't find what I needed, so I made it! Ill be making one for each week of pregnancy so it you are farther along keep checking back! Ill be doing a lot at a time. Here's a nice little meditation focused on your first month! Please leave feedback, I aim to improve and please any one who needs anything!