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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Dear Reader, Your Life could be better!

I was recently invited to a friends birthday party where she asked for us to bring a "pearl of wisdom" to help her through her next year of life - which is an amazing idea. Im going to steal it for my birthday, I think! I actually stole the idea for this post, because it opened up a whole thought process for me. My friend is amazing and beautiful and I love her dearly - She is the reason I know have the same advice for you.

I digress...

I sat long and hard. I thought about it every day until the party. What pearl of wisdom could I, a young mother in my twenties - provide to another twenty-something to help her year go smoothly? How could I give advice that is generic yet profound that could really impact another person? Wisdom? Am I wise?

And then the answer came to me: The best piece of advice I can provide to another person is so profound, so dignified, so AMAZING, that I had to type it up! I have to confess that my little pearl of wisdom is essentially this: Nothing.

Thats right folks. You read that right... but let me explain. by nothing, I mean everything! I mean that there is nothing any one can tell you that is going to improve your life or make it any easier.

Dear Reader,

You have all of the answers inside you. You are the embodiment of God, Life, the Universe, and Everything. You are 42. Only you can decide that your day was good or bad or is something is fun or a total bummer. Only you have the perception and perspective you need to get through this world. Every one of us has an inner knowing that we really dont seem to appreciate as often as we should!
If you really need SOMETHING to get you along I have 3 quotes for you that will push it along a little, but again - they cant do justice to the advice you have hiding inside yourself.

1) "This too shall pass" - This line has been handed down for thousands of years. Its in almost every culture. Its not extremely profound in that it is extremely profound, RIGHT? Every moment of your life is a vapor. See, you just read that last line and now its already a memory. You cant hold on to anything, and at the same time every bad thing that ever happens to you is gone as fast as it came. Just remember that tomorrow today will be yesterday. One moment everything seems dire, and the next you are forgetting it even happened. Make right now everything you want it to be. Appreciate this moment because good or bad it will be gone short- oh there it went!

2) "Follow Your Bliss" - Joseph Campbell. Again, its very simple! Why are yo wasting time doing something that doesn't make you shine as brightly as possible? I understand that some things you do even though you don't want to and thats just the way it is - but make sure that the something you are toiling through is worth it - make sure it gets you closer to your greatest goal of being the best version of yourself possible. Have hobbies. Have a job that makes your life better. DONT WASTE TIME BEING UNHAPPY WHEN HAPPINESS IS SO EASY TO COME BY!! Refer to this video when times get tough:

Or you can READ it here:

3)The last isn't really a quote, its a principle - Occam's Razor. Basically this means that the simplest, most obvious answer is most likely the correct one. Dont over think things. In all of my time on earth between learning and researching and over-thinking, and being logical I have learned one very disappointing thing - The further I got into one subject or problem the more I realized that all of my time and hard work was a waste of time because in the end it really didnt matter. In the end I knew the answers. In the end I realized that there really was no point doing all of that work. This is the same with information about dinosaurs or you trying to rationalize a bad break up. Stop it. Just go outside and play and I promise things will be a lot easier. Figure out what you wanna be when you grow up (Even if you are currently 80 years old) and work toward that goal. Don't get discouraged or side-tracked.

Its EASY, dear Reader. I'll throw another quote in there if you still aren't convinced - "Don't worry, Be Happy!"

Everything and nothing
You see this picture? You cant tell from just looking at it. It means nothing unless you were there really. To yo it is probably just a crappy image of some lights that cant even be distinguished. When I look I see a party. I see all of my friends dancing and hooping and laughing. I see a really great time I had. My perspective doesnt even have to work hard to get all of that, I just have to APPRECIATE what I am looking at!

So Anyways, whoever you may be out there in cyber-space reading this and wondering what in the world you could do to make your life better, remember that I love you with all of my heart and soul. I think you're beautiful and I truly mean that! I KNOW you are. When I look at you I see the whole universe in all of its splender. Billions of atoms and molecules that evolved and formed to create such a wonderful creature smiling back at me -THATS YOU!

I love you!