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Monday, December 10, 2012

Russell Brand And the Westboro Basptist Church

I'm sure you've all heard of The Westboro Baptist church and the graphic hate they spew on streets across the country.

Russell brand had them on his show Brand X the other day, and my heart sang.

Watch this:

Russell did such an excellent job. He starts the interview making sure they are comfortable and scolding his audience yelling "DON'T BE MEAN DON'T BE MEAN!" He is incredibly polite as well as logical to make these people feel comfortable and attempt to have an actual conversation with them.

They even bring him a sign saying "Fag pimp brand" and he explains that this just means (in his country) that he gives away cigarettes, lol.

I love the love that he displays, consistently, ensuring that he does love everyone. God condemns us, as put, "because he can."

My favorite part is probably the "Heaven or hell game." Madonna, Tom Hanks and Mahatma Gandhi are going to hell.

Then he brings in some very respectful gas and trouble ensues...

In conclusion, I love Russell brand a LOT. I just really liked him before, now he's at the top of the list.

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