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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Removing Sharpie from.. EVERYTHING

I dont know about you, but this has been the bane of my existence lately. My 2 year old seems to keep finding sharpies I didnt even know we owned..

Every color of these permanent pens have been on every surface of my house (and some places they are still there since there has been a lack of rubbing alcohol around..) So I have had 6 months to a year of experience trying EVERY TIP on the internet to figure out how to remedy my counters, closet doors, walls, cabinets, and even tile of my childs artistic expression.

I was really sick of EVERYTHING on the internet saying "Mr. Clean magic eraser" because I'm a holistic person, I like to Do It Myself.. and I just don't always have one around, nor the money to always have them around... so here is my gift to you!

Here's whats been working:
  1. Clothes – hand sanitizer
  2. Walls - toothpaste or hairspray (be gentle so the paint doesnt come off!)
  3. Carpet  – white vinegar, or Dish soap mixed with peroxide.
  4. Wood (and closet doors)  – rubbing alcohol, and sometimes toothpaste depending on the wood finish.
  5. Cabinets (Mine are coated with that fake wood surface stuff...) - The ONLY thing that works is hand sanitizer!
  6. Tile - Hand sanitizer or hair spray.
  7. Dry erase boards - use dry erase marker, go over small sections, little by little and wipe off with paper towel.
  8. Leather - Spray sunscreen (*Ive heard. This one I haven't actually tried it. Please lemme know!)
  9. Plastic - Baby wipes! (Or dry erase marker) 
 Dry erase marker will remove sharpie from PRETTY MUCH ANYTHING (anything that I have tried so far, anyways) Only it is a looooong slow process and uses up a lot of marker and towels. Its still pretty amazing and worth mentioning.
This is a binder with a plastic insert cover with Sharpie that's been on it for months (and for some reason purple seems to be the hardest Sharpie color to get off)

Just scribble Dry erase marker on, and wipe with a towel!
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Alright, I admit it - some of these didnt work for certain things - like for some reason my sons closet doors. I dont know if its the paint on it or what, but I just could get it at all. One day, like an angel, a family member that worked at Ace Hardware brought me a magical product that changed that - and it came in single serve packages. It still took elbow grease, but now Ive been using it to get rid of anything that any of the above didn;'t work on. I found on amazon you can get a big bucket of it, so I may have to invest! Its definitely worth it!

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