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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Workin hard for the money

Hey there! Rainbow Warriors Workshops is starting to be built up so we can take off!

My partner Bri and I have been working hard finishing school, making videos for our Youtube channel ( and doin what we need to do to make life a dream come true for ourselves, our hubbies, and my baby.

Check out this blog, The YouTube channel and PLEASE give me feedback on what you love/hate about either. We are always looking for guest speakers if you have a video you want to submit or a blog post you want to make (includes advertising for your own blogs or channels just for helping US out!)

We would be happy to come speak with you, blog for you, or help you out as well! We strive for community.

I have been hard at work hypnotizing people for money! I am certified and in March I will officially be a CLINICAL hypnotherapist! (That just means I can work in hospitals and things of that sort as well as have a private practice - which the certificate already allows) Remember to check out if you are interested in my services. Right now I am charging $30 for Skype sessions so no matter where in the world you are I am here for you! This is limited time!

Besides all that Brianna and I are creating workshops and planning WORKSHOP PARTIES in order to practice on friends before actually going out in the world. We want to be polished and ready to make your life amazing!

Here's what the YouTube channel and workshops are about. SHOW YOUR TRUE COLORS
Workshop Subjects will Include:
  • Nutrition (Colors in food and eating seasonally)
  • Grounding/Protection/Security
  • Optomism/Fun/Making your life a party
  • Learning about yourself - How do you see yourself?
  • Empathy for others
  • Astrology, elements, and colors in religion
  • Colors of the body (Auras, Chakras, etc)
  • Colors and emotions
  • Art and Music therapies
  • Using colors for healing
Wow that's a mouthful.. but we are still planning, organizing, and looking for support and projects to work on. May the force be within you.

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