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Thursday, July 26, 2012


Charlotte - She thinks I was too clingy. I dont understand how I could be too clingy when she wanted to trade kidneys, and had me sit really close to her so we can be with each others energy. She was always wanting to be around me and hug me and hug so hard that some day we could become one person.

Boo- She just never responds to me. Shes in Boo world still, which is fine.

Mellissa - I dont know why she wont respond to me and unfriended me on facebook. There is nothing that I could have done to her because all we have done is really trail off in talking.

Candace - Her and I just wont work. Its a shame. She just has to have everything her way or nothing. I wanted to improve, I wanted to feel better and be a better friend to her. Iwanted to figure out why she was mad and what I did to hurt her.

Wolfie - He is going to listen to charlotte and be on charlottes side. He isnt talking to us right now. I dont know why.

Patrick- no one at all seems to know what happened to Patrick.

Charles- Charles just never responds to anyone about anything. Its annoying.

Kyle- I dont know whats up with Kyle, but I know Im not important to him.

Fonzy- He is just a bit crazy and VERY rude. He never thanked me or allen for helping him. He just disappears without word.

My heart hurts. Im lonely. did I do something to these people for them to not talk to me? What are they seeing that Im not?

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