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Friday, December 16, 2011

Things to keep around

When you decide to "go green" or just "save money" or even "stick it to the man" you'll need to keep some things around at all times!

The first thing is Vinegar! Personally I have like every type of vinegar in existence in my house for difference reasons, but the main one for cleaning is White Vinegar, the main one for beauty supplies is gonna be Apple Cider, and for food balsamic and red wine. (There are variously flavored red wine vinegars. I personally have Garlic and Acai Pomegranate!)

Heres a link with 254 uses for vinegar:

Another All purpose awesome thing is Baking Soda! Its used for so many things, and combined with vinegar makes an explosive cleanser for counters, sinks, carpet, and more.

Tea tree Oil! (Or eucalyptus oil can be a good substitute.) It disinfects everything, smells amazing, and is good for your health - Keep it around in the winter especially for coughs and colds, and if you have children keep ALOT of it around to disinfect everything that they touch, haha.

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