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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Strawberries for teeth!

Want clean, whiter teeth?  I learned this a long long time ago but just dont do it. I should, and so should you.

Get out your baking soda and go buy some strawberries!


Mash a strawberry and around half a teaspoon of baking soda together to make a paste, rub it on those fine chompers, leave it on for around 5 minutes, then you can either just rinse it off or brush your teeth with toothpaste. **Dont do this more than twice a week though, since strawberries are chock full of malic acidy goodness!

Also in a toothbrushless pickle you can just rub a strawberry on your teeth to quickly remove plaque. The seeds are natures way of keeping those teeth happy and clean! I love nature! Nature party!!

In a strawberryless pickle eat an apple! Make sure to brush those teeth the next chance you get though if using this method, as not only are apples acidy, but they are FULL of sugar (its actually said apples can be worse for your teeth than sugar) and will also rot them if you dont take heed. The acid and the texture of the apple will clear debris and plaque! **another note: In an appleless pickle you can use any crunchy veggie like carrots or celery! They dont whiten but they will clean!

Don forget when in doubt trust Mother Earth!

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