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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Teaching kids colors

Heres a fun little game that doesnt take very long or very much effort that teaches your kids how to make colors! My 3 year old loved it!
What you'll need:

*Either food coloring or paint (in red, blue, and, yellow)
*6-9 shot glasses or small cups/glasses/liquid receptacles (clear prefered for maximum visuals!) (9 required for brown which is optional if you dont have enough glasses)
*2-3 larger glasses (3rd is for brown)
*a towel to put it all on
*something to mix with, I used a paintbrush
Lay out the towel, and line up 3 rows of 3 shot glasses (3 rows of 2 if youve opted out of making brown)
I then put the bigger glasses between the colors like in the picture. The third is farther out just because it needs all of the colors.
 photo 20140516_204020_zpsfkghadon.jpg
In this picture I have the 3rd glass for brown, but only 6 shot glasses, because when I used paint there was a fair amount of residue at the bottom. I used that residue to make the 3rd batch for the brown
So basically what I did is very simple:
I went with red first. "Oliver, what color will the water be if I pour this into the big cup?" To which he answers, "RED!" And I have him pour it in the bigger glass on his own.

Then I went with the yellow shot glass; "What happens to the water when I add this one?" To which he replies, "I DONT KNOW!" and giggles. 
**Try to get them to name each color- even if they know all of their colors and are very smart children-  make them come up with the colors as much as possible so they remember how to make the new colors!**
He then excitedly pours the second color in and voila! "OMIGOSH OLIVER! What color is it now!?" And he exclaims with joy, "ITS ORANGE MOMMY!"
Go through this process with each combo:
Blue and yellow = green
Blue and red= purple
Red and yellow = orange
Blue yellow and red = brown
Wow! 3 colors make every color in the world! How cool!!

The aftermath

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