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Monday, February 6, 2012

Fat is good for you: What America has lied to you about.

Our society and that television in your home are constantly telling you what to eat, where, and do. It tells you what you want and what you should want. You can never have enough stuff!

Except fat...

We are reaching another critical change int he way we think... and EAT! Thanks to science we are constantly out-dating information. The Earth used to be flat remember.
FAT IS GOOD! Just not bad fat! Its a misconception that you want to have no fat in your diet in order to keep fat off of your body. Remember that last post about coconut oil? Its AMAZING for weight loss, but very heavy in saturated fats. Up until recently fat was just evil. Even more recently we have decided that even SATURATED fats aren't that bad!

If done right youll feel less guilty about fat content and more mindful or what you actually eat, regardless of stats on the packaging. (To be fair if its packaged you may not wanna eat it in the first place, haha)

Fat slows down nutrient absorption so you can go longer without feeling hungry. Its "bad" carbs, preservatives, and processed sugars that will actually make you gain weight. Fat also helps your body process vitamins! If you eat a whole meal full or pure vitamins but its completely fat free it will be way harder for your body to even utilize those vitamins at all!

Lets not forget baby making! I person who is too thin or athletic, as we all should know, is more likely to be infertile that a girl that's got curves (plus males are naturally more attracted to fat - big hips, butt, and chest are almost always the first place a man will look to decide who he wants to mate with.) Having a healthy amount of meat on your bones actually makes you way more likely to conceive, and even makes it ore likely to have multiple births.

More fat cells aid in immunity boosts, and didn't you learn in school how fat is converted into energy from your body? Having a healthy level or fat and muscle makes it easier to lose weight, and give you the energy to do it!

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