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Friday, January 13, 2012

How I get money for free

I'm extremely accidentally good with money, so I'm gonna share a few tips on how I get money, save money, and best of all; try not to even pay attention to money.

First, make sure you read my last post about positive affirmations! This is the first way I get myself money, and it really works out by making the others on the list below come true for me! I get random refunds and lucky checks in the mail pretty often (Maybe one every other month if you need specifics)

*Chase- all banks offer reward programs. With chase I points every time I use my debit card or credit card with them. These points can redeem cash, or merchandise! When our baby was first born I got a LOT of free stuff from chase because I never really used my points, and in a pinch I just go on there and get some free cash. recently because we were so broke I just ordered a ton of gift cards for groceries!

*Hide it! - This is how I was able to go to Europe right out of high school. I worked a minimum wage job at Target and although I didnt have any bills yet I WAS a teen girl and blew my money on things I just didnt need. What I would do though is hide a randomly bill (a few ones, a 5, whatever I could spare) and never count them. Sometimes if I needed money in a pinch I would take some out, but put more than I took out back in. Get it? Set a date to check it, and when you do you may be pleasantly surprised how much money you have in there! If you have no dicipline have a friend hold it for you (which I have done for a few people.)

*Change machine - At my house any change we have in our pockets at the end of the day, or any we find around the house goes directly into a change machine, is put into rolls, then taken to the bank to go directly into savings! This builds up FAST.

*Escrow overages - This is only if you are awesome enough to own a house, and lucky enough for the government to try to rip you off a little less this year. I just got one of these checks in the mail which saved my ass and helped me make rent! These happen if property taxes go down, your home insurance rate goes down, or Escrow OVER estimates your payments for the year (which they always do) and then have to refund the difference. My check are just over a hundred bucks, making me a happily suprised lady.

*MAKE A BUDGET - If you need help with this let me know, I keep one very diligently and can sent you my template! Its as easy as fillin out a form and just keeping track of money.

*Then save the overflow - every time you get paid AGAIN put ANY MONEY you have left over from the last check in savings, even if its a few dollars. again, this builds up.

*Pay yourself back - I should seriously patent this somehow, since its ingenious and extremely helpful. First you need to do all of the things above and get a sweet as savings account. (I use SallieMae because the interest is 1.4% as opposed to Chases .01%)
The next step is to PAY OFF ALL BILLS WITH INTEREST. You can use the money that was supposed to be for savings - You will probably have to.. but heres the KEY to my system:
Keep note of how much you took out of savings to pay these bills. Then add interest!
For example: If you pay off your credit card debt of $100 take note of the interest that credit card would have asked for. If your card is 10% add that 10% to the 100 you took out of savings. Now you owe yourself $110 to savings. Since your credit card is paid off you are going to still pay at least the minimum amount that would have paid the bank - but instead you are paying yourself back to savings! Make sure you treat this money like a bill. It is inexcusable to just brush it off since you dont owe it. YOU STILL OWE IT to the most important person in the world! YOU!
If you keep a budget make sure to keep track of this.

Let me know if you have any questions, comments, or need some help! I'm here to help you succeed!


  1. I would love a copy of your budget template :) Thanks

  2. Trina, Please email me at please, and Ill email it to ya!