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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Glass cleaner!

One thing to always remember when going green is to ditch the paper towels! I HATE THEM. I seriously do. They are a total waste, and just dont make sense to me. I wish they would just stop making them. Ill rant more about our throwaway society later... I use cloth for everything. This is a thing I developed before the "green" movement or anything of the like. I just hate them. Through learned experience they were just a big waste of money, resources, and effort. *valley girl voice* Oh you know, and like.. they like kill trees.

You know whats awesome for windows? Black and white newspaper! I scowered the internet and Google for a reason, but alas. All I can tell you is that Newspaper and Paper towels are cousins, and Paper towels are much younger. They were actually made as a response to how well newspaper cleans!

It wouldnt defeat the purpose to buy a newspaper solely for the use of cleaning your windows and mirrors really, because HUNDREDS of newspapers that DONT get recycled or used on the bottom of bird cages end up getting wasted. Its pretty ridiculous how many they make. At my house we get the Sunday paper for coupons and job opportunities, so I use most of whats left for windows and mirrors, and recycle the rest. Even coupons I dont use I give or trade to friends.

Enough about that poop, lets continue.
Youre going to need:
1/4C of My bestest friend Vinegar. Either Cider or White.
1/4C Rubbing alcohol
Newspaper, a soft cloth, or the LAST of your paper towels ;)
1 Tbsp of baking sodas best friend, cornstarch
2 c. warm water

You can also throw a little lemon juice in there to make the house smell clean, and to dull out the vinegar smell. I'm pretty sure essential oils and other smelly things will be futile against the might of vinegar =) But the smell doesnt last long, and when you DO smell it just imagine you're in a completely sanitary, disinfected OASIS!

Honestly I think this works better than glass cleaners you buy at the store, and after Candace taught me how to make Deoderant at home and bought a bunch of cornstarch I've become a huge fan of it for lots of things.

*Tip: When you use it don't spray too much on or there will be a fog from the Cornstarch. Use a little and kind of buff it off with the newspaper.

I found a sweet blog that actually breaks down the cost of this recipe! She also did a comparison of a few different recipes, naming the one that I use the BEST! I win, and so will you when you use this!
From her site:
1/4 c. vinegar = $0.20
1/4 c. rubbing alcohol = $0.25
1 Tbsp cornstarch = $0.03
2 c. water = virtually free, except for the water bill part, so let’s say $0.000001
Grand Total: $0.48
For an entire bottle of glass cleaner.

Check out her site HERE

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